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LSX IPO Bootcamp 2023

Compass Executives are delighted to announce that Non-Executive Adviser, Geoff Dobson, will be a panel member at the LSX IPO Bootcamp 2023.

What is the IPO Bootcamp?

In line with our mission to support funding, financing and deal-making in the sector, LSX is teaming up with the world’s foremost experts, advisers, bankers and consultants to help CEOs and CFOs navigate the how, what, where and when of a successful IPO.

The IPO Bootcamp is an invitation-only online workshop and series of 1:1 consultations. It provides CEOs and CFOs of life science companies contemplating a US IPO a unique opportunity to come together for a series of frank and open discussions with peers, case studies from executives who have recently been through the process, and for tailored and 1-2-1 advice with the region’s foremost experts, advisers, bankers and consultants.

Further information

The IPO Bootcamp is by invitation-only for qualifying companies. To find out more about the LSX IPO Bootcamp 2023, click here.

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