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The cutting-edge global Biotech industry supports both medicinal and therapeutic development. Working closely with start-up organisations that are securing funding for further research and development, through to the larger established innovators that are working through clinical trials, commercialisation and launch of next generation treatments.

Working with complex large molecules, across cutting edge cell and gene therapies, and other biological treatments, we understand the requirements of the workforce to be able to work in a very different way to other industries.

The global Biotech market size is expected to reach in excess of $725 billion by 2025, with accelerating growth into the next decade.  Additional technological advancements, and a continual introduction of new biotechnological sciences and products that cater for a wide range of organisations that are involved in diagnosis – through to biopharmaceutical development – mean it is anticipated that this industry will continue to rapidly grow.

The Biotech sector has also seen significant interest from Private Equity and Investment Funds over the past decade, with funding for new sciences increasing.  This is leading to an increase in the number of organisations establishing ground-breaking research on new therapies and technologies.

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