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Associate Director – Epidemiology – placed with Top Pharma

Compass Life Sciences were responsible for placing an Associate Director – Epidemiology – at one of the most revered global Big Pharma organisations, with a view of supporting the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative medicines in areas of unmet medical need.

In this latest senior appointment case study delivered by the data and biometrics team, read all about:

  • The client overview – covering the core business objectives alongside the rationale for the hire, and the relationship between Compass Life Sciences and the internal Talent Acquisition team
  • The assignment process, including data around the interview breakdown, and the ratios of candidates submitted taken forward to screening stages
  • Client and candidate feedback commenting on the innate delivery of the team, and the advisory services bolt-on value-add offered by Compass Life Sciences, making them the go-to team for all client data recruitment needs

The Data and Biometrics team was responsible for making the placement.

Read the latest Associate Director – Epidemiology, case study here: Associate Director – CLS Case Study

Download here