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Compass Life Sciences – Associate Director of Market Access – Case Study

Compass Life Sciences were engaged by an industry leader within Medical Diagnostics in a recruitment search for an Associate Director of Market Access – as part of a newly created role for a brand new team to support ongoing growth into new emerging markets in the Middle East.

The Remit

The requirement itself would give responsibility for targeting key growth in the EMEA region, in order to develop relationships in markets across Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa, and would require fluency in both Arabic and English.

Working from a brand new entity in Dubai, the successful candidate would need to be a demonstrable team player, capable of collaboration across multiple business areas including Government Affairs, Commercial Operations and Medical Affairs in order to support delivery and build business within these aforementioned regions. They crucially needed to bring hands on experience working across a range of territories with established relationships with key influencers in government and regulators in this region.

The Process

Compass Life Sciences were one of three recruiters tasked with sourcing relevant candidates – and the only agency not to be considered a ‘dedicated Market Access’ recruitment specialist. However, following a thorough talent mapping and market search of suitable candidate meeting the brief, 5 candidates were submitted of which 4 were interviewed for a first stage discussion. This represented 80% of all interviews conducted for initial discussions, with the other candidate sourced directly by the client.

Three candidates were then invited back for an intensive 4 stage remote video call with key decision-makers across the business – spread across multiple time zones in a 48 hour period – before a unanimous decision was reached about the preferred candidate. This led to a final stage call with the Vice President of Global Market Access, before an offer was extended, and accepted, first time.

The Outcome

Compass Life Sciences deployed a team to identify a diverse long list of potentials that were assessed and shortlisted prior to introduction.  This shortlist included talent from a host of different countries who were qualified and experienced to meet or exceed the role requirements, and crucially were highly motivated about the role and company.

The shortlist was presented to the client within 7 days of being briefed.  Initial interviews were arranged and concluded within a week, and all assessment stages were managed and concluded within a further 3-week period.

The preferred candidate was offered and accepted following a brief negotiation, and Compass Life Sciences were integral in supporting the international relocation, securing visas and introductions to local service providers to support the onboarding process.

The successfully placed candidate commented:

The Compass Life Sciences team have provided great support and guidance for me throughout my hiring journey. The professionalism, as well as sincere guidance, feedback and support they gave along each step of the hiring process was extremely helpful to me to improve myself, and be more prepared for each next step.

Throughout my career I have been approached many times by different recruitment agencies, and talent acquisition professionals, yet this time it was really different, and they provided an excellent learning journey beyond the hire itself. 

I would want to work with this team as a client to help me hire members of my team – thank you so much for your help and support, it is really appreciated. 

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