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Compass Life Sciences – Chief Identity Architect – Case Study

Compass Life Sciences were engaged by one of the largest Animal Health companies in the world to secure technical leadership talent to support the re-build of the business infrastructure, and to identify a Chief Identity Architect.

The Remit

Reporting into the Executive Director of Enterprise Technologies, this was a position for which our client was looking for either a permanent or contract resource to play the lead in developing Identity and Security Architecture for the organisation, as it was going through a de-merger following a recent IPO, coupled with a pending acquisition of a major competitor.

The Process

Following initial discussions with the recruitment team and then the hiring manager and his leadership team, we understood the breadth and scope of the requirement was unlikely to be available given the restrictive timelines they had to work with.

The de-merger and acquisition processes were in full swing and there were strict deadlines that needed to be met.  Several other agencies had been looking at the role and had not been able to deliver candidates with the right background and capabilities, so at the point we got involved in process there were no other options available for the hiring team.

Given the timelines and the status of the requirement, we presented several options that we felt would be meet the business need and the technical requirements of the brief.  Following this consultation with the Executive Director for the group, we proposed 3 permanent candidates who were matched on their experience and capabilities; however, notice periods were going to present an issue with the timelines of the requirement.  We also introduced an expert consultant who had a track record delivering enterprise projects in tight timelines, who was available to start immediately.


Following assessment, the client was keen to move forward with the Consultant option. This consultant was on-boarded in record time for the client, and is now engaged on the assignment, having a significant impact on the business.

With their experience, they have already been able to implement new process solutions that have got the de-merger and acquisition back on track and is on target to complete in the coming months, at a fraction of the prior cost expected where this work had been outsourced.

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