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Compass Life Sciences launch office in Raleigh, North Carolina

Compass Life Sciences are delighted to share the news that our first international office has opened in the USA. The decision for this came to fruition as a result of exponential growth in supporting US-based clients and candidates.

The CLS team have been supporting a growing number of US based clients with staffing solutions for several years, with demands for our services increasing exponentially in the last twelve months, accelerating our decision to establish a physical presence.

The North American life sciences markets have witnessed a rapid increase in graduates from medical, biological and biomedical science majors totalling more than 163,000 in 2020 (a record number) – and double that just 15 years ago.[1] This reflects the push since the turn of the millennium to address the shortfall in STEM education in the US.[2] As a result, the American market continues to represent the single greatest share of the global pharmaceutical market (44.5% in 2016) and is more than four times larger than the next largest market[3] – demonstrating the scale of opportunity in the country.

The decision to establish a physical presence in Raleigh, North Carolina stems from the fact that the area represents more than 5% share of all PhD’s in either Biological or Biomedical Sciences[4], whilst North Carolina is home to 735 life sciences companies – 569 of which are located in the Research Triangle region.[5]

Compass Life Sciences Director, David Jolley, commented:

“The Compass Life Sciences business has grown significantly over the past 5 years largely due to our core underpinning of delivering innovative, premium staffing solutions that offer an exceptional level of quality and knowledge-based consultancy for our customers, increasingly on a global basis. 

 We continue to partner with a wide range of pharma, biotech, CROs and MedTech innovators globally, supporting their live staffing and search requirements, as well as offering strategic workforce solutions in a rapidly changing landscape. Given these sustained demands from our client and candidate base, we are excited announce the next step on our strategic roadmap. 

 Opening our first US office enables us to reinforce the work we are already doing across all time zones in America, better reflecting the needs of our customer base, and growing our reputation for offering significant value add to the Life Sciences workforce space from a new footprint in a new territory.”