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Industry Insights: Have we reached a turning point in the advancement for treatments against dementia?

With great anticipation surrounding the recent achievements in clinical trials pertaining to dementia treatment, Compass Life Sciences examines this in further detail in this latest Industry Insights report. 

The report discusses the following points in further detail: 

  • The excitement around the results of these trials is due to these being the first real breakthroughs in potential Alzheimer’s treatment in over 20 years  
  • How significant dementia and Alzhemier’s research is due to the global forecast that over 153 million people will be living with the disease by 2050 
  • Whilst these recent clinical trial results do not currently provide a cure for the disease, they will enable people to manage their conditions easier 
  • Despite the significance of the trials, unfortunately there are still areas of concern and limitations on what types of dementia the treatment will have an effect on 
  • With more than two decades of limited medical success in Alzheimer’s treatment, these two new treatments will hopefully accelerate further investment and research in this area.  

To find out more, read the full report here CLS Insights – Treatment Against Dementia.

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