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Introducing the new-look Compass Life Sciences brand

During the course of Lockdown, a significant project of work has been undertaken to re-brand and launch the new-look Compass Life Sciences brand – in line with the consistent feedback we have received from our valued clients and candidates.


Since our inception at the turn of 2018, the Compass Life Sciences team have received praise from numerous clients citing genuine industry knowledge as a key competitive differentiator, underpinned by the lived experience of a number of consultants within the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industries.

As such, the decision was made early this year to separate our offering from our fellow multi-award-winning Compass Partners, to ensure Compass Life Sciences were positioned appropriately in the Life Sciences recruitment space.

Process through Lockdown

In the early weeks of March, it was important to take onboard feedback from all stakeholders of Compass Life Sciences, in order to identify the Mission, Vision and Values of who we are, and the culture we wanted to reflect both internally and externally.

This led to the initial stages of branding in April, where logo suites were explored, through various mood boards examining wording, typography, imagery, and colour palettes, which resonated with the team – taking full consideration into account of how we wanted to be perceived in the market, based on feedback we had received from the various audiences we engage with.

Having agreed the branding, May saw attention turn to the design of a website – initially outlining the key functionality of the pages, progressing to functional wireframes – before agreeing fully branded wireframes for the proposed site based on the previous months’ marketing efforts.

June witnessed extensive versions of Gantt Charts were adhered to, to start writing content for the forthcoming website – now in build and later in test phases – as well as a thorough audit of all internal and external marketing collateral documentation, to update with appropriate branding.

Throughout these three months the internal communications with key stakeholders in the Compass Life Sciences brand remained constant, ensuring all parties were fully informed of progress at all stages of the re-design. An online presence on various channels was established and content planned in advance of the website launch.

Post-government announcements signalling the easing of Lockdown and the lifting of certain social distancing measures, coincided with the final updates needed to complete the re-brand, chiefly the testing phase of the new website, before going live in July.

The future

We are excited to be able to share this re-branded look to the wider industries we support – and have a number of further plans around increasing headcount and presence as we continue to look ahead.

Whilst visually we have changed, our desire to distinguish ourselves from others in the Life Sciences recruitment space through informed, knowledgeable, and thorough understandings of the markets we work, will continue in exactly the same way as we always have.

From everyone at Compass Life Sciences: thank you for taking the time to explore our new offering, and we look forward to delivering a first-class service to you.

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