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Industry Insights: The Importance of Flexibility & Innovation in Regulation

This article outlines the importance of flexibility and innovation within the Regulation sector of the Life Sciences industry. Compass Life Sciences has identified the potential issues that could incur if flexibility is not considered and the ideas for potentially mitigating these risks.

The report discusses the following points in further detail:

  • This report discusses the need for flexibility and innovation due to emerging technologies within the Regulatory Affairs sector emerging rapidly.
  • It discusses how a flexible and responsive approach can be adopted which will enable engaging with a diverse and multidisciplinary scientific community to ensure that regulatory science can help shape evidence-based policies that enable the timely and safe availability of life-saving medicines.
  • The report concludes with how it is important that regulatory frameworks remain adaptable to support global innovation and patient access to new treatments.

To find out more, read the full report here CLS Insights – The importance of flexibility and innovation in Regulation.

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