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David Jolley wins Compass Holding Group Core Values Award

Head of Compass Life Sciences, David Jolley recently won the Compass Holding Group Core Values Award for Professionalism & Integrity.

Compass Life Sciences is one of the four Compass Partners within the Compass Holding Group brand.

The Core Value Awards are derived from the Compass Holding Group brand values and presented to employees of the Compass Partners, based on nominations from employees and recognition for their overall performance. The Compass Holding Group Senior Leadership Team then meet to determine the winners of our Core Values Awards.

David was one of four employees nominated across the business for the Professionalism and Integrity category. This was due to recognition of his outstanding high level of professionalism over the last year.

David has been instrumental in re-launching the brand and website, creating the brand vision and bringing in new clients and candidates. David’s input to Compass Life Sciences has ensured that our clients are confident that we satisfy their hiring needs. His industry insight into the life sciences sector has been a stand-out feature to both our clients and candidates.

As a result of his hard work, integrity and professionalism, David was selected as the category winner.

The Senior Leadership Team chose David as the winner of this category for the following reasons:

“Dealing with change is challenging for the best of us. David has demonstrated complete professionalism when embracing changes within the Life Sciences team. His approach to colleagues in managing this process has been exemplary. He shows the very highest standards of professionalism in every interaction with clients and candidates. A fine example of how professional our profession can be.”

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