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Data team build for Big Pharma leader

One of the household names in Big Pharma, GSK, have relied on Compass Life Sciences’ data and biometrics team to support with a global data team build covering biometrics and statistical programming, as part of an on-going initiative.

Compass Life Sciences is pleased to share some further details around the successful delivery of data professionals to date; in this latest case study find out:

  • Notable placement at senior leadership levels across both UK and US teams of various therapeutic areas
  • Analysis of the submission, interview, offers and acceptance data based on the performance of the data and biometrics CLS team
  • Candidate and client testimonials from those who have been through the process with varying team consultants, presenting the opportunity to hear first-hand the quality of the experience received
  • Read all about the reason and purpose surrounding the nature of the project, and also the long-term expansion plans anticipated

Read all about the delivery into GSK by Compass Life Sciences Data and Biometrics team: GSK – CLS Case Study – Team Build

Download here