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Market Insight Series: Commercial Operations

Compass Life Sciences are pleased to announce our latest Market Insight Series which focusses on reviewing the Life Sciences markets for job seekers and clients, based on our observations over the past six months. 

For our fifth post in this series, the Life Sciences team have provided valuable insight into the UK, European and US markets within the commercial operations pace within the life sciences sector. This information is based on trends and interactions during this timescale. 

How has Covid-19 effected commercial operations?

Over the last 12-18 months there has been an increase in globalisation with many smaller companies branching out to overseas territories to market their portfolio within the global pharmaceutical markets. The Covid-19 pandemic has been the driving force behind this as it has allowed much smaller and more localised life sciences organisations to step forward. The last six months have seen a steady continuation of this trend.  

What impact has Brexit had?

The life sciences industry is seeing more companies providing further investment into their market access pricing and reimbursements teams. This is primarily due to the impact of Brexit. UK government officials have been working on a strategy aimed at boosting the competitiveness of the UK pharmaceuticals sector by making the country a focal point for investment in drug development within Europe. 

What further investment means

Pharmaceutical companies are providing further investment in their teams within the commercial operations space. Examples of this includes health economists, outcomes research and HEOR.  

These investments will be specifically focusing on real world data to drive value within the organisation’s portfolio. This means that these companies will have a better focal point on boosting their portfolio offering on a global scale overall.  

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